Author: James Biddulph

James Biddulph


Bio: James is the founding Headteacher of the first University teacher training school, the University of Cambridge Primary School. He started his career in education in the foothills of Nepal following a degree in English and Music from the University of Durham. Following his PGCE teaching qualification, he worked in Stratford, East London, where his passion for music, the arts and creativity led him to being awarded the London Outstanding New Teacher of the Year in 2003. As well as a class teacher he gained Advanced Skills Teacher status, spending several years supporting the development of primary and secondary teachers in Newham. His first Deputy Headship was in a failing inner city school which was turned around within 18 months. Following this success, he joined another failing school, also successfully removed from 'special measures', before becoming the first Headteacher of Avanti Court. During this time, he modelled the importance of life long learning and following the completion of two Masters' degrees, he is now part way through a PhD at The University of Cambridge. James enjoys playing the piano, singing and travelling to distant lands.

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