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One year on at Avanti Court

AnilaWe first heard about the school when plans were in progress for its proposed opening. The idea of a school that would follow such a unique, forward-thinking and inclusive ethos appealed to us as parents. We keenly listened to Edward Anaboa and James Biddulph speak about plans for the school and their vision of how the four pillars would guide their teaching.

Of course all parents want to have the best for their children, and given that this school was to be brand new, we made a visit to Krishna Avanti Primary School in Harrow in order to give us something to compare the school to. This visit confirmed our feelings and we decided that Avanti Court would be our daughter’s next school.

Our daughter settled well into the school’s newly built building and well lit classrooms. She has made great friends and has formed a good relationship with her class teacher Miss Mistry and other teachers and staff at the school. Raia will often skip into school and talk animatedly about the interactive and fun learning opportunities she has been given. She tells us “I love school… I love learning”. Raia will speak about the activities she has participated in at school such as Yoga, meditation and also talk about the values of the school (courage and respect etc.) and give examples to demonstrate her understanding of them.

We have been delighted with our daughter’s learning experience at Avanti Court Primary School and know that they will continue to grow and give children the same opportunities as they have given our daughter.

Dimple PandyaOnce we attended an open day for Avanti Court, we knew that we wanted our son to be a part of this new adventure and benefit from all it had to offer. We were overjoyed to learn that our application for this school was successful and that our son was going to be part of something amazing!
From the initial buzz of parents and children alike in the playground on the first day, to the warm welcome from Avanti Court staff and the fantastic Headteacher, this first year has been an exciting experience and an adventurous journey for us and our son.

The numerous school trips, the parent workshops, the level of engaging with parents by senior management, and a very happy son… these are some of the highlights of this past year for me as being part of the school.

When having a fun interview scenario with my son and asking him what he likes best about his school, he answered “love my good friends and I really like it when Mr Biddulph speaks to me when he sees me”.

The culture and ethos of the school are effectively being embedded and I can see this only strengthening and shaping the future of our children at Avanti Court.

I consider myself to be very lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to send my son to Avanti Court. We are now part of this amazing community and are at a big advantage as we have joined at the outset with a small school community. My hope is that parents, school staff and senior management continue to work together cohesively so that we can build a strong foundation for our children’s future.

I strongly believe that all pupils attending this school will stand out as unique individuals with supreme qualities once they complete their journey of learning with Avanti Court.

Ronika & ChetWe first learnt of Avanti Court in a press release in the local newspaper. We had already submitted our application to the borough with our preferences for local schools. Naturally we did some research as any parent would. We attended several open days and met with the Headteacher. In addition we had several discussions with Kala (Governor) whom we found helpful and encouraging. This all combined, enabled us to make an informed decision. In excitement, even though slightly apprehensive (as it was a new school), we jumped at the opportunity.

The staff, led by the Headteacher at Avanti Court made our daughter’s transition from nursery to school life seamless. All questions were answered, all concerns were addressed and as parents, we felt at ease.

In retrospect, we feel that we have made the best decision for our daughter’s future. In a short space of time, we’ve seen her mature and develop into an avid learner. We feel privileged to be part of this exciting journey ahead.

Shahida & MurtazaOur two boys love going to school (though waking them up in the morning is a challenge!). They started their education in Chennai, in India, where we lived for two years. When we were offered a place at Avanti Court Primary School we were not sure. We did our research and also we met with James who quickly allayed our fears with his vision and focus for learning and continuous improvement. For us the Avanti ethos resonates with our India experience and so you could say it was ‘kismet’ that brought us there and back again.

We have seen our boys grow (quite literally!) in the past year. They are making progress from reading, creative play or teamwork. This puts our mind at ease that their experience is rich and rewarding. We recognise this is a new school and it will take time to bed in processes. But the school community is coming together to make things better for all our children and that is great to see.


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